Amelia Farrar


My name is Amelia Farrar. I was born and raised in Alabama, but I'm currently living in a small town nestled against the muddy James River in central Virginia. The outdoors has always been and always will be a part of my life. Fishing grabbed me early, at just three years old I had a Mickey Mouse rod glued to my hands. By the time I turned five I had landed everything from Largemouth bass in mossy farm ponds to Florida Pompano with that rod. It wasn't until the fall I turned fifteen that my brother would introduce me to the world of hunting.

"You dropped him!" my brother excitedly whispered to me after pulling the trigger on my first whitetail deer. From the chills, the tears and the blood kissed cheeks; the memory of my first harvest will remain
clear and crisp in my mind for the rest of my life. Soon after, my love for the outdoors spread to dove, feral hogs, turkey, bear and kayak fishing.

Of all my hunts and harvests, nothing from my life has seared into my memory quite like my first bow kill. Seven years ago, I saved every penny to purchase my first bow; a Parker Sidekick. It wasn't until I met my archery crazed husband that I really began to develop the knowledge and skills it would take to be an ethical and successful bowhunter. Many of our first dates were spent in two-man ladder stands on the edge of food plots, and let me just say, our dates haven't changed much. After a few seasons of hard hunting and persistence, I finally let an arrow fly and connected with a beautiful whitetail buck. Having filled archery deer tags on private land the last few years, my sites have been set on other game species. I now mostly hunt public lands in the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia but I am eager to venture westward.

From saltwater fishing to dove hunting, I've been lucky enough to introduce many women to the outdoors. In a primarily male-dominated sport, many of my friends have mentioned they were less intimidated by hunting or fishing with another female for their first time. Through Huntress View, I look forward to providing advice and feedback from a female's perspective, so that other women may gain the confidence they need to be successful sportswomen. I'm eager to not only share my knowledge and experiences but to also learn from other women's successes in the outdoors.

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