Britni Dunham


My name is Britni Dunham and I am from a small town in Ohio! The heritage of the great outdoors and hunting is extremely important to me, as it is a family tradition. My dad took me out for my first squirrel hunt with him when I was 3 years old. Needless to say I have been hooked ever since. I began hunting small game with my single shot bolt action .22 rifle and I completed my young hunter safety course at the age of 8, where I was the youngest and only girl in my class. I was 12 years old when I went on my first whitetail deer hunt during Ohio gun season, and began bow hunting when I was 16. 


There is no off season for me. During the spring you can find me turkey hunting, canoeing, fishing, searching for morels, and relaxing next to a good fire. Summer months I am mainly preparing and scouting for the upcoming whitetail bow season. Fall is one of the busiest months, as it is time for those Ohio big bucks to show themselves. Winter months you can find me with my muzzleloader, scouting, shed hunting, etc.


I am so blessed that my dad introduced me to the outdoors at such a young age. My husband and I are already passing down this family tradition and heritage to our son. It teaches him respect, responsibility, independence, and safety. Along with my passion for the outdoors I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Natural Sciences, I am a certified Medical Laboratory Technician, and soon to be RN. I strive to share my experiences, learn from other hunters, and introduce others to the outdoors/hunting. 

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