Chloe King

New Zealand

My name is Chloe King, and I am from New Zealand, where I spend half of my time in Wanaka (South Island) and half my time in the Bay of Plenty (North Island).


I grew up in the city, and while I loved the outdoors, skiing, hiking, exploring and traveling, hunting was not something I was bought up with.  It wasn’t until I was in my early 20’s that I first went on a small day hunt with a group of friends.  It wasn’t long before I was hooked, and studied for my firearms license and have been hunting ever since.  My partner also hunts, and this is something that we often will do together. 


New Zealand has the most amazing back country, and hunting takes me to some of the most beautiful places.  In Wanaka, I hunt the valleys around Central Otago and up in Canterbury.  I am mostly hunting Tahr and Chamois (however am yet to shoot a Chamois!).  Most of these trips are 3-4 day trips where I stay in Department of Conservation (DoC) huts.

In the North Island I do a lot of deer stalking.  I enjoy Sika hunting so spend most of my time in the Kaimanawas – native New Zealand bush. I also get out on the water to go fishing whenever possible. 


I have a Hungarian Vizsla, Yuki, who comes on all of my adventures.  She is such an amazing hunting dog, and is the best companion out there! 

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