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Courtney Schnitzler


My name is Courtney Schnitzler and I am from a small town in western Kentucky. As far back as I can remember I have been fishing with my father and tagging along on his hunts. Growing up in the country with family that enjoyed the outdoors meant that hunting wasn’t a question…it was definite. My childhood home was constantly filled with guns, bows, arrows, ammunition, calls, decoys, boots, and every article of clothing that came in camouflage all throughout the house.


I starting shooting at the age of 9, with a big group of kids in the local 4-H club, and haven’t stopped since. I remember taking my hunters education course that year and wondering why I was the only girl. Sadly, that’s a question I continued to ask throughout my life. Every year when I would go on yearly hunting weekends with my father and his friends from work, I was the only daughter in attendance. It’s so nice to be a member of a team specifically designed to encourage more women and young girls to spend time in the outdoors.


In the summertime I am always doing one of three things: fishing, hiking, or camping; then when the sun sets and the frogs come out, it’s time to frog gig! From fall to spring I love to hunt whatever I can learn to cook. Every season, without fail, I go out for dove and my all-time favorite…whitetail deer! I’ve recently really gotten into bow fishing and turkey hunting (with the help of my husband).


For me, hunting has always been more than just killing an animal. It’s about enjoying God’s creation and glorifying him the harvest, learning to provide for yourself, spending quality time with family and friends, and learning patience.

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