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Hannah Marcom

My name is Hannah Marcom, and I am a Texas native. I have lived in various places around the DFW area, and while I have always enjoyed the benefits of living near a big city, I have never considered myself a city or country girl. I’d like to think I’m a little bit somewhere in-between.

I didn’t grow up hunting but wasn’t a stranger to it either. I would accompany my dad on group dove hunts as a kid but my journey into hunting didn’t truly start until my late 20s. When my boyfriend and his dad encouraged me to sit in the blind or tree stand with them, my trajectory into hunting took off at a fast pace.

Archery and bowhunting have fueled my hunting passion over the last five years. Whitetail and turkey hunting taking up most of my time in the fall and spring. Filling the freezer with meat we use all year long and have a real connection to further feeding my urge to get back to it the next season. Now, I am getting new experiences after the purchase of my first shotgun, and I am even more excited about turkey hunting and, hopefully, some other upland hunting as well.

The one thing I enjoy even more than hunting is connecting with other women who do, too. Seeing women sharing knowledge, challenges, tips to overcome those challenges, and encouraging one another has helped me along my journey. My hope is that I do my part to pay it forward for other women entering the space, too.

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