Jamie Dailey


My name is Jamie Dailey. I am 32 from a small town in northeast Georgia. My outdoor adventures did not begin until I was in my early 20’s. I met my husband who was an avid hunter and he immediately began asking me to join him on a hunt. So one very cold morning I climbed the stand for the first time. It didn’t take long for me to actually understand what the hype about hunting was all about. Sitting in the stand just watching the world wake up that morning was the most peaceful feeling I had had in a long time. I shot my first buck that morning and the passion was instantly set in me.


I have hunted everything from African game to squirrels, but nothing beats a Georgia deer season. That’s where my heart truly lies. The challenge required to harvest that mature buck is what it’s all about. I was always told there is no fever like buck fever. My other loves are turkey, feral hog, and fishing. I have set a goal for the near future to hunt alligator, tag my first bear, and do some duck hunting.


As a mother of two I understand that the hunting tradition continues with the younger generation. Since my kids were babies I have included them in many of our outings. Making sure that they understand what hunting is all about is very important to me. Teaching them the prep needed to be done during the off season and that it’s not about the kill but the experience are among the most important lessons.


I am thankful to the good Lord for the opportunities He has set before me. I have been fortunate enough to meet some of the greatest men and women in the hunting industry. I have learned a lot about myself in my hunting journeys and knowing it only gets better from here is what keeps my passion alive.