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Katie Marsh


My name is Katie Marsh.  I currently reside in California.  I was introduced to hunting and the outdoor lifestyle from a young age when my dad would take me with him to go dove and pheasant hunting.  After the hunt was over, he would include me in the process of cleaning the birds he harvested.  My dad was also a prior Hunter Safety instructor.  I spent a lot of evenings during my childhood watching my dad teach Hunter Safety courses.  My dad sparked the interest in me to hunt from a young age, and as soon as I legally was allowed to in California, I obtained my hunting license.


 As much as I love to bird hunt, I had the desire to start big game hunting.  When I was 18 years old, my dad promised to take me on my very first deer hunt.  I happened to meet my boyfriend—an avid hunter—the same year.  He and his dad guided my dad and me in a premium zone and helped me harvest my first deer.   From that moment on, I was hooked.  He also inspired me to become an avid duck hunter and sparked my obsession with archery.


Prior to the Fall I spend the vast majority of my time preparing for the upcoming hunting seasons.  I dedicate myself to the gym in order to ensure that I am in my best shape to hike and explore many mountains during deer season.  I spend a lot of time shooting my bow in preparation for archery season.  My dad teaches me about reloading ammunition for the upcoming rifle season and we spend countless hours sighting in our rifles from various distances.  To prepare to hunt birds, I pull out my shotgun and practices shooting Trap and Skeet.


I am passionate about giving other women confidence in the outdoors.  I firmly believe living a healthy life and exploring outdoors are important to live a healthy life both mentally and physically.  I aspire to encourage other women to follow their passions and explore the outdoors.  I hope to introduce women to the outdoor lifestyle and help them thrive in the outdoors!

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