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Kelly Cohen


I live in a small town in Northern California.  I’m an avid outdoorswoman who fell in love with the outdoors.  I didn’t grow up in a hunting family.  At 6 years old I went rabbit hunting, yes, I got my first one.  We got home, skinned it out, salted it down and that was my first skin.  By age 8 I got into showing horses and competing in both English and Western Pleasure.  I continue to ride my 2 horses when time allows.  At age 15 I was invited to go out on a coon hunt with my friend and her dogs.  That was a whole new world listening to the dogs running in the orchards, hearing them tree.  I was hooked. Senior year in high school I was able to go on my first bear hunt.  Hunting for me continued taking up new game.  I hunt and scout all seasons year round.  Concentrating on bear, deer, elk, pig, upland, waterfowl and fish.  I love training my hounds and my labs.  There’s nothing better than a good dog!  I have competed in some dock jumping competitions with my lab and when the Houndsmen Field Trials roll around; you can be assured I’m there with my hounds competing. I have been getting into Taxidermy and learning to mount various ducks, geese, pheasants, a full bear mount and fish. I cure and process my skins, turn down feathers into pillows and continue to perfect my taxidermy skills.  My job as a technician at a veterinary hospital has been very rewarding.

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