Kinsey Edmunds


My name is Kinsey Edmunds, and I am from a small town called Palmyra, MO. Growing up I was raised in the outdoors on a farm, and was always surrounded by wildlife, as my dad is a taxidermist. He would take us to the stand at a young age, and I can still remember sitting there with my snacks, patiently waiting on the deer. At that time, I didn’t know how much I’d grow up to love hunting and the outdoors. At age 13, my neighbor took me turkey hunting and from that experience on, I really started to develop a love and respect for the great outdoors. That next year I harvested my first whitetail buck, man oh man, what an excitement! There’s just no words that can explain the adrenaline rush that takes over! My dad always tells people, “You’ll never meet anyone who gets more excited about it than Kinsey!”


I picked up bow hunting a few years ago, and there’s a special love that comes with that! I hunt deer, turkey, wild hogs, squirrel, rabbits, and my latest, alligator! There are still many others on my bucket list I would love to hunt, as I’m always up for just about any type of hunting. I love the adventure and chance to learn more. I’m very proud to be a hunter, as it’s my passion. I respect the land, the animal, and the opportunity that I get to harvest. Being able to provide food for my family is rewarding.


Whether it be from my dad, or learning from my own experiences, I’ve gained so much knowledge out in the woods, and that is one of the greatest gifts I’ll ever receive. You learn to respect nature, and grow from it. I’m always excited to learn more about the outdoors and share it with others. It’s our job to continue to teach the next generations, as they are our future hunters. Being able to take out individuals that want to learn more and experience the outdoors is a rewarding feeling. I feel blessed to be a team member of the Huntress View, and look forward to helping guide and teach others more about what we love so much, the great outdoors. 

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