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Sarah Cooke

My name is Sarah Cooke. I am from the small town of McKellar ON Canada. I’m a dog mom of two. Paisley (a Lab Aussie mix) and Moose (Redbone Coon Hound). I have always been a lover of the outdoors. As a kid I always wanted to be outside whether it was chasing a ball, climbing trees or playing in the creek. I started fishing at a very young age, my sister and I would put weights on the end of our line and practice casting in the back yard when we couldn’t get to the lake. When we got a little older, we started ice fishing and did it as often as we could and still do. No better feeling then freezing and warming up with the excitement of pulling a pig through that hole!

I started hunting when I was about 19, my friend and I decided to go and get our licenses together, and after that its all I wanted to do. No one in my family hunted so there wasn’t anyone to really show me the ropes. It was a learning curve. There was just something about it that intrigued me; something about providing your own meat, and spending time with nature. Hearing the bush come alive in the wee hours of the morning is such an amazing feeling.

Turkey hunting was my first hunt I ever went on and to this day it is by far one of my favourite hunts. There is something about calling out to a big ol’ Tom and having him gobble back to you, gets my heart racing! I also hunt for whitetail, moose, bear, coyote and waterfowl. Bowfishing is also one of my favourite outdoor activities to do! I would love to be able to hunt elk, and caribou in the future, and not to mention take a hunting trip to Africa! 

In 2018 I opened my own Taxidermy shop after working for someone else for 5 years. And the one thing I love most about it is hearing about the hunt that landed them at my door step. Their faces light up and they get right into the story and you can feel their excitement. When they come back and pick up their mount and their faces light up again, its such a good feeling to know you got to preserve one of their favourite memories!

I love teaching and showing people everything I know about hunting and fishing. Whether its shooting their first gun or showing them how to use a compound bow and seeing their smile when they finally hit their mark! Definitely a feel-good moment.

I hope to be able to continue to show and help people learn from the things I have learnt along the way from trial and error and from fellow hunters. And hope to continue learning everything I can to improve my skills everyday!

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