Allison Rauscher


My name is Allison Rauscher, I'm 26 years old, and I currently live in a small town in South Central Wisconsin. I currently work in the Emergency Department while attending Nursing school. 

I have been an outdoorsman for over seventeen years, however bowhunting is my greatest passion. My dad and grandpa got me into hunting and fishing as a little girl. I got my first bow at 12 years old, and shot my first deer that Fall, and to this day, my stand still rattles when a whitetail walks by it. I hunt deer and turkeys the most, but I've also hunted waterfowl, black bear, and antelope. Nothing gets my adrenaline going like bowhunting whitetails during the rut does though! 

I have been involved with Whitetails Unlimited, assisting my Dad in running our Chapter banquet and volunteering at the South Central Wisconsin Deer Camp. I'm also on the Wisconsin-Badger Chapter Committee for The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and volunteer in an effort to learn more and attempt to help our Elk population in Wisconsin thrive. 

Being a female outdoorsman is something I have always embraced because it's such a unique and special feeling. I hope to spread the word about how spectacular it is to be a female outdoorsman, why and how important our part in conservation is, and what the future can hold. I have an outdoors bucket list that continues to grow day by day, and I'm hoping to find other outdoorsman just as passionate as myself to check adventures off with me! I look forward to meeting other outdoorsman as well as encouraging others to explore the triumphs, the tribulations, the successes, the failures, and ultimately all the benefits conservation has to offer.