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Ashton Dippel


My name is Ashton Dippel and I currently live in Austin, Texas.  I grew up on a commercial whitetail hunting and cattle ranch in a small town in the beautiful Texas hill country! Although I went hunting with my dad countless times while growing up, I did not take my first whitetail until I was 17 years old. After that, hunting has been a great passion of mine. While learning the ins and outs of hunting and conservation from my dad, I now have so much love and appreciation for the outdoors and wildlife.


Growing up in the hunting industry makes for an interesting childhood! We moved to our ranch full-time when I was 11 years old and a few short years later our whitetail management and turkey hunting business was up and running! My dad guided while my mom cooked the meals for our hunters - right there in our very own kitchen! I grew up getting to meet people from all over the country and heard countless stories of hunting, fishing and outdoor experiences. Once I began hunting myself, I too got to share my stories at the dinner table. 

One of my favorite parts about hunting is the bond that forms between hunters. For me, the most important bond is with my father and I am so thankful that we share this passion. His guidance and knowledge of the outdoors has helped shaped me into the outdoor enthusiast that I am today and I am beyond grateful. We have made so many great memories hunting and fishing and I look forward to making many more with him!

Entering the hunting world was intimidating for me at first. While growing up I honestly did not know many other girls who hunted, so it was hard for me to jump right in there with the guys when I had so many questions. Thankfully I had my dad to help, but even then there were questions I had that I wanted answers from a female point of view. I am so excited to be a part of the Huntress View team to hopefully help females out there in need of the same thing I was. I cannot wait to share my stories with y'all!

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