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Cajun Bradley


My name is Cajun Bradley. I live in Nevada, MO. I am married and have two daughters, Beretta and Delta. From a young age, I have had an immense love for the outdoors. However, I wasn't introduced to hunting until my sophomore year of high school and didn't start avidly hunting until my junior year when I started dating my now husband, Brady. The first time I saw a doe pass the ground blind I was in, I was hooked. 


I hunt whitetail, black bear, turkey, predators, waterfowl, dove and I also love to bow fish and hunt for whitetail sheds. Oddly enough, shed hunting is one of my favorite seasons. In the 2016 shed season, my husband and I found over 200 sheds. It was unbelievably rewarding and we are still glowing from it! 


There is no off season for me. I spend my summers at our family land cultivating the ground, planting food plots, hanging cameras and walking our property for new spots to hang stands. 


I am completely in love with all aspects of hunting: management, conservation, the tranquility of nature, harvesting the healthiest meat there is to feed my family, and most importantly, the one on one interaction with the Lord Almighty. It's a lifestyle that I live to the fullest, and something I am so eager to teach my daughter and enjoy for the rest of my life. 

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