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Cassie Powell

My name is Cassie Powell and I was born and raised in a small town located at the base of the Ouachitas, Acorn, Arkansas. I graduated from Arkansas Tech University with my Bachelor of Professional Studies with an emphasis in Interdisciplinary Studies. I work for the U.S. Forest Service as an Integrated Resource Technician where I am able to make a living and impact while being outdoors. I get to do a variety of things within my job such a timber stand improvement, fisheries and wildlife, and prescribed burning. 


I have always been in the outdoors and it has always been where I felt the most alive. My family had me out there learning the ropes before I could even walk and we still enjoy every part of it together. My family are the ones that instilled my love for the great outdoors and that’s what I enjoy the most out of any of it, spending time with them, and passing it on to the next generation. I remember when I killed my very first deer. It was a solo hunt from a ground blind. A button buck walked out at about 20 yards and I shot it with my mom’s .308. That same .308 is now mine and the same gun I’ve killed the majority of deer with. 


 We are a close knit family that spends every season at deer camp chasin’ whitetails and turkeys. We do a lot of processing our own meat, crappie fishing, creekin’, shooting, shed hunting, gardening, craw dead catching, and really anything outdoors. I also enjoy filming our times doing these things! I enjoy being able to look back and experience big moments and the small ones of everyone. I absolutely love deer hunting more than anything whether it’s with a bow or rifle. I enjoy public land hunting because I find a thrill in the unknown and the challenge. However, I also love putting out trail cameras, throwing out some trophy rocks, and getting an idea of what’s around! But what gives me more joy than hunting, fishing, or anything else, is helping pass on this love to others. 


 My goal in this life is to share the love of Jesus and the outdoors to as many people as I can! I feel as though this way of life is becoming less and less and I worry about the future of hunting and what barriers the future will bring to this way of life. So if we can all just share our experiences with others and really teach them in a way they too will become confident, then maybe they will pass it on. I am so blessed to be given this opportunity here with the Huntress View Team. My hope is that this will help me to be a vessel to reach more people who also long to make a mark in the outdoor world. 

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