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Debbie Suess

My name is Debbie Suess, and I live in Brainerd, Minnesota. On October 3rd, 2020, I married my best friend and hunting partner, and we are extremely excited to be adding another little hunter to our family in August of 2021 with the birth of our son. We have two sweet and loving fox red labrador retrievers that go on all of our adventures with us, and our female, Lily, can be found by our sides wearing her camo vest chasing birds.


I started my hunting career at the age of two years old while sitting in the deer stand with my parents. Each November you can find me patiently awaiting a trophy buck or mature doe to cross my path. Shortly after meeting my husband, he introduced me to what quickly became my hunting passion by bringing me in the duck blind with him. Starting with the early goose hunting season in September, followed by three months full of chasing waterfowl all around the midwest region, we spend quality time together doing what we love most. Ice fishing during the Winter has become a fun way to pass the time during the cold months in Minnesota until we reach turkey season in the Spring.


With all of this time spent in the outdoors hunting wild game, my husband and I are true believers in the idea that you should only harvest what you are willing to eat, and this is a value that we are excited to pass along to our son. Every animal or fish that we harvest is used to help fill our freezer and supply us throughout the year with many meals. Along with hunting and being outdoors, my other passion can be found while in the kitchen of our home. There is something so satisfying about making a meal for my family that we harvested ourselves.


By joining the Huntress View team, I am better able to share the passion that I have for hunting and the outdoors. It is so important to share your love for everything that Mother Nature has to offer, along with the ethics and values that are used when hunting and harvesting wild game. I look forward to sharing my adventures with you all, and am excited to meet fellow outdoorsmen and women along the way.

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