Erin Diegel


My name is Erin Diegel and I reside just west of Denver, Colorado.  I know a lot about the game  of golf and have made a career helping people enjoy it as a PGA Professional.  I am a single  mom of three children, enjoy everything outdoors, and before 2014, never gave hunting a  second thought.  I never used a bow, I never shot a gun, and I even went 14 years without eating meat!     


In February 2014, I fell in love with a bowhunter and my life changed forever. I now proudly call myself a hunter and I continue to pursue a full freezer each year with a variety of wild game.  I have had the honor of harvesting Kansas whitetail, Wyoming antelope, Colorado elk and mule deer and Nebraska turkey.


I have become intrigued with archery and while I enjoy hunting with any weapon, I find  bowhunting to be my preference.  As an avid trail runner, mountain biker and snowboarder I find  that the physical and mental aspects of big game bowhunting parallel the challenges I enjoy in  these other activities.    


I really enjoy sharing passions and experiences and I have made a career of it in golf. I look  forward to being a healthy representative of hunting for other women, children and anyone who  has never tried.  My highlight to date is watching my teenage son harvest his first mule deer this year and spending quality time outdoors with my loved ones.