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Hanah Watkins


My name is Hanah Watkins and I am from a small town in South Texas. I grew up around hunting and the outdoors, living on a ranch, but it was always the “guy” thing to do. It wasn’t until I met my husband that my passion for hunting and being outdoors really grew. Starting with the basics and eventually harvesting my first Axis doe made me realize that being a hunter is not only for the “guys”. Since then I have been introduced to many different types of hunting and have made it my way of life.


It is no secret that Turkey hunting is my absolute favorite hunting season. Something about calling in a wild animal to only a few yards in front of you gives me such rush. Although, without a doubt, deer season is something I look forward to. I am very passionate about the importance of well-managing whitetail deer. It is so intriguing to me to watch a deer grow to its prime and then, harvesting it at its mature state. Along with managing whitetail comes extensive predator control, which never gets old!


My favorite thing about hunting is that it challenges me and leaves me wanting more. There is always something else to learn or do in this industry, no matter how long you’ve been doing it. Harvesting an animal is a lot more for me than just a trophy on my wall. I am very passionate about eating what I kill. It gives me such satisfaction to know where the meat on my plate came from and what it took to get it there.


My love for hunting and the outdoors continues to grow each and every time I step out into the woods. I hope to share my love for hunting and conservation with many people who might not have had the opportunity to do so. Whether I am shooting my bow, rifle, or a shotgun I am proud to be a hunter!

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