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Jaimie Robinson


My name is Jaimie Robinson, I live just north of Denver, Colorado. I am the mother of two wonderful children. All my life, I have had a passion for the outdoors. I concentrate this passion on archery, hunting, and fitness.

I grew up in rural western Pennsylvania, where I developed an appreciation for nature and worked on my knack for shooting guns. I would spend hours just watching deer move from my back porch and exploring the forest. When I moved to Colorado in 2006, I went on my first hunting trip and harvested an antelope with a rifle. My father instilled in me the values of respecting life and I grew up valuing the
harvest of wild game.

In late 2006, I tried archery for the first time and fell in love. I have been very active in the archery community in Colorado ever since. Archery has become my passion and I strive to learn everything I can about it. I have progressed from archery novice to being part of an amazing archery team. I do my best
to share my passion for archery with everyone that I meet.

After that first harvest, I fell in love with hunting and have been going at every opportunity presented to me. I hunt mainly with my bow and I work every day to become a better hunter. I am always learning and sharing what I know with others. I spend as much time in the outdoors as I can and was very lucky to make my first archery harvest in 2016. I am passionate about making the sport better for women and helping everyone I can become a better hunter.

For me, part of being a good hunter is being fit to go where I want to so that I can find the animals that I search for as well as being a good hunting partner. There is a very active hunting athlete community in Denver and I utilize this to become a better, stronger hunter.

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