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Jesse Harding Campbell


Jesse Harding Campbell was raised on a five-acre hobby farm near St. Louis. She grew up fishing, camping, gardening, and raising animals. Campbell always wanted to hunt but never had the opportunity. Her now-husband introduced her to the sport, and she's never looked back.

Campbell and her family reside in Nebraska. She hunts waterfowl, small game, upland game, turkeys, deer and goes fishing. Hunting/fishing is more just a fun activity for the family - it is their protein source. Easily, 95 percent of the meat they eat was caught or harvested by the family.

As an adult-onset hunter, Campbell believes she has a unique perspective on the sport - especially now as a mother. When Campbell became pregnant, she was concerned about maintaining the couples' outdoor lifestyle while also having an infant. But that didn't slow her down. Campbell hunted her entire pregnancy, up through her 9th month. At two weeks postpartum, she was back in the goose pit. This life-changing experience fostered a new passion – helping others navigate parenthood while remaining active in the outdoors. Campbell and her husband created a blog, Parenthood Outdoors, to share their experiences.

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