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Katelyn Breunig

My name is Katie Breunig. I was born and raised in south central Wisconsin. I love hunting, trapping, fishing, and all things outdoors.


When I was 12 my uncle took me under his wing and took me out for the youth gun hunt in Wisconsin and I shot my first deer, a small doe. Then during the regular season I shot my first buck and I was hooked. I continued to gun hunt every year but wanted to do more so I got into bow hunting. Now that’s my true passion. Every spare moment in the fall you can find me in a tree chasing whitetail deer.


In 2015, we started to notice an abundance of coyotes on the property and less deer. That same year, my uncle started trapping and in 2016 I started joining him. This is when I began to truly notice the importance of predator control. Since we’ve started eliminating coyotes our deer herd has flourished. Trapping has earned a close #2 spot in my heart. This year I was also able to trap nuisance beavers for the first time and ended up being more successful than I anticipated. I can’t wait to keep broadening my trapping Horizon for the years to come.


I also enjoy baiting bear in northern Wisconsin, pheasant hunt in South Dakota, Turkey hunting, duck hunting and musky fishing. I love everything about it. The fresh air, the challenge, and the rewarding feeling when you succeed. I just started sharing my passion on social media and I hope it inspires more. I can’t wait to start writing articles to share my knowledge and experiences for more to see.

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