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Leanna Graves

Hello! My name is Leanna Graves and I am from a small town in Southern Indiana. I am 38 years old and happily married to my forever hunting partner. Together we have 3 children: 15, 19, and 22 and 2 dogs! I was raised on the church pew and taught to love the Lord, obey your parents, and always keep your shotgun loaded!

 I have always been involved in the outdoors since I was little. Being the only girl, besides my Mother, I had two older brothers, so I was always under their feet, taking it all in. We spent a lot of our summers fishing, but it wasn’t until I was in my teens that my brothers & Dad let me go hunting with them. I will NEVER forget the day I harvested my first whitetail and the pride in my Dad and brother’s eyes! Those are the moments that furthered my passion for hunting & all that is the outdoors. Moments that turned into my heritage.

 My brothers were always my hunting partners, until my husband came into the picture. He introduced me to turkey and predator hunting and our biggest passion, Bowfishing! While I enjoy hunting Whitetail and Turkeys, there is nothing that can compare to nights floating the Ohio River shooting carp! Every opportunity we get to remove at least a few of the invasive species is a win, as well as educating anyone that comes on our boat. I also enjoy waterfowl and squirrel hunting, as well as photography!

 Indiana has a lot of great hunting to offer, but recently we started to pursue other game. This past September, we went to Montana on our first archery Elk hunt. We spent almost two weeks hunting public land all across Montana, trout fishing, and camping in the wilderness. What an adventure! With help from the Lord, we were able to leave with one tag filled. Our time spent traveling the beautiful county was so therapeutic and was such a forever bonding experience. We cannot wait to return this year!

 I am so excited to join the Huntress View team and develop new friendships. I look forward to helping inspire other women in the outdoors, as well as being inspired myself

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