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Lora Gene Young

North Carolina

Since childhood, I have been actively involved in the outdoor industry. My parents have a zeal for the outdoors and we spent most family vacations at National and State Parks camping, hiking and swimming. My mother's passion of wildlife biology always had us learning about our surroundings. My father's career in agriculture also took us outside to raise animals and help on the farm.


Though we were not a hunting family, my father is a avid sports shooter and I was raised around shotguns and firearms. I had my first opportunity to hunt while working in New Zealand on a working holiday visa. Duck hunting introduced me to the New Zealand hunting industry. I have now spent several seasons in the South Island of New Zealand pursuing tahr, chamois, red deer and fallow deer. My international hunting experiences also include time in the Australian Outback chasing water buffalo, pigs and feral oxen.


My love for the outdoors and the remote backcountry has led me to pursue a career in the hunting industry. I worked in Alaska, packing for sheep and moose hunts. I have also had the privilege of harvesting my own Alaskan Mountain Goat. I have also guided for elk and mule deer in Montana and Idaho.


This year I am excited to announce the hunt of a lifetime. I will be travelling to Kyrgystan to hunt Marco Polo and Siberian Ibex!

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