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Margie Anderson

My name is Margie Anderson and I was born and raised in Oregon. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest surrounded by natural beauty, lush forests and varying landscapes, provided the perfect incubator for my love of the outdoors.


Most of my childhood was spent outside. Regardless if it was pouring down rain or 80 degrees with clear skies, I was outside. From playing in the mud as a kid, to obsessively hiking in my teens, I couldn’t get enough. While I enjoyed every moment of my outdoor adventures, I craved more. I craved a way to truly connect with my surroundings, learn the land, and study the creatures. It was at this point in time I found hunting and fishing.


My obsession started slow when my boyfriend (now husband) took me duck hunting for the first time. The weather was absolutely miserable, but hours of awful conditions were instantly washed away the second I harvested my first mallard, and with that - I was hooked. My love grew from there, from fishing for Chinook salmon, hunting the elusive blacktail deer, reeling in blackfin tuna in Belize or stalking speed goats on the plains in Wyoming - it doesn’t matter. If I’m outside, hunting or fishing, I’m happy.


I love being able to provide food for our family, spend time with loved ones and create memories that will last for generations through stories told around the firepit at hunting camp. I love advocating for conservation and the use of our public lands. I’m here in hopes to connect with all the other women who maybe have a similar experience to mine or those who have a vastly different background. I’m here to share my experiences and learn as much as I can, simultaneously, in hopes of further perpetuating our common, unwithering love of the great outdoors.

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