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Nicole Hahn

Hi! My names Nicole Hahn. I grew up south of Dallas in a small town, however, I needed to venture out a little further and wound up in central texas after college! I loved my college town so much, I decided to plant my roots in the area and it has quickly grown a soft spot in my heart over the last years. 


While in college, I met and eventually married a boy I went to high school with! That’s where my love for the outdoors started. We started hunting before and after class, and just whenever we could get away. After we got married, backcountry hunting became one our favorite things to do together! There’s just something about being in the middle of nowhere with your person. 


While we are so passionate about the outdoors, things don’t always work out the way we hope as we have a 3 year old girl, and another coming soon! So things can get hectic at times, and sometimes a week away in the woods just doesn’t happen. However, our oldest daughter already loves to hunt as much as we do, and I know she’s going to be begging to tag along on those elk hunts in a few years. We try to take her every chance we can. 


My husband always dreamed of having a boy to take hunting just like he did with his dad, but I’m here to show my girls (and my husband) that we can do it all too! I hope to inspire them to love it anyways, even if it is a “man’s sport.” It has given my husband and I some of our favorite memories, and my goal is to encourage every women, no matter the age, to enjoy and love the outdoors and the pursuit that comes with it. It truly is Gods gift to us and I hope to share that with you all as I start this journey into the outdoor industry.

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