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Savannah Mensinger

My name is Savannah Mensinger and I am from Iowa! I currently am a senior at Iowa State University, majoring in biology. Growing up, my dad was always teaching my siblings and I about hunting and fishing. He was always taking us out in the field with him and when we couldn’t go out hunting, we were pulled over on the side of the road looking for deer or turkey. When I was about twelve years old, I joined an outdoors camp for girls where I was further introduced to the outdoor industry.


I was first introduced to hunting with guns. I was hooked instantly! My only problem was the fact that gun season only lasts so long and I was itching to be in the woods more. After a couple years of gun hunting, I got my first compound bow and developed an entire new love for hunting. Harvesting an animal with a bow is much more personal for me for many reasons. There are so many aspects that must go perfectly right in order to obtain a successful kill.


I plan to experience as much of the outdoors and the wild game that make it up as I can. As of now, my hunting career consists mainly of whitetail deer and turkey. As a female hunter, my goal is to introduce others to this amazing industry and encourage them to find the love that I have in the outdoors! I have yet to find a better feeling than any I’ve discovered during a hunt. Hunting is a difficult, time-consuming art that I’m so fortunate enough to have been raised with.

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