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Tiffany Sutton


My name is Tiffany Sutton and I was born and bred in Suffolk, Virginia just steps away from the Great Dismal Swamp.  I spent my childhood tagging along on hunting and fishing adventures with my Dad and brother. However, my interest in the outdoors didn’t take off until I was in high school and I harvested my first turkey.

My passion for hunting has continued to grow. Through the years I have hunted deer, bear, turkey, coyotes, waterfowl and dove, with waterfowl hunting being my favorite by far. I love being in the blind with my family and friends hearing the wings whistle as they cut the air. Seeing my two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers hit the water with excitement for the retrieve and seeing the off season training being put to use.

Our hunting goes from fall until spring as we go from one species to the next. When the hunting season ends we start fishing our way through summer. We also use this time to plant food plots, repair blinds, and continue training the dogs as we gear up for the fall.

Hunting has given me great respect for wildlife and the land.  I want to share my love of hunting in a positive light and be a mentor to the next generation so they can value and appreciate all that nature provides.

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