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Vicky Mullaney

I grew up in the countryside of Virginia at a time when everyone was an outdoors kid. My dad taught me to fish before I was six and my mother insisted that my sisters and I help in her large garden from the time we could walk. Although we ate wild game given to us, I didn’t hunt until I met my husband. He taught me to shoot, hunt and fly fish. I have to admit, after breaking my first clay and shooting my first dove, I was hooked!  We raised our five children to appreciate the healthful benefits of a sporting life. Hunting and fishing continue to bring our growing family together.


Eleven years ago we bought a waterfowl hunting farm on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. I am the lodge manager and chef. With 33 years of experience cooking wild game and preparing meals for our guests, I’ve learned a thing or two! I find that hunter’s love to share a good recipe and I’ve shared many of the recipes I prepare in my Lodge at Black Pearl Cookbook – Raising and Feeding a Hunting Family.


I’m passionate about getting more women involved in this sport because I know the benefits they and their children will realize. I hope to share some of our experiences and philosophies with Huntress View readers over the next year.

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