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The Buck Bomb Review

Using scents while hunting can be a great way to bring a nice buck in range when used correctly. This year I tried The Buck Bomb Doe In Estrous & had some good luck with it. While walking to my stand I sprayed the can intermittently onto the ground to use as cover scent and as a scent trail. I wasn't in my stand 10 minutes when a nice young 8 point came out and followed my trail to my stand. I love that the can sprays upside down too, making it easy to create scent trails or to use for mock scrapes. The Buck Bomb is very versatile and gives you many options on how to use it. Use it as a scent trail, like I did. Use it as a cover scent by spraying it intermittently from your stand if the wind changes directions. You can also lock the spray valve down to allow the entire can to spray. The scent can travel as far as 1/4 mile or more downwind! There are several Buck Bomb scents to use: Doe In Estrous, Doe P, Dominant Buck, Young Buck, Vanilla Curiosity, Acorn Rage and Sugar Beet Smash! I highly recommend trying these out if you haven't yet! They are extremely easy to use, very versatile and most importantly, effective!

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