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infRACKtion Whitetail Mineral Product Review

If you are looking for a great mineral attractant to help attract deer, increase antler size, and maintain a healthy deer herd, infRACKtion Whitetail Mineral Attractant by Daybreak Outdoors is a great option. I started using infRACKtion this fall and saw results immediately. I put it in a high traffic area where several deer trails met going into a 5 acre turnip plot. While hunting on the last day of bow season I was able to harvest my biggest buck to date because he stopped at the infRACKtion site 20 yards from my stand, instead of walking straight into the food plot as usual.

Most deer attractants on the market today contain salt as the main ingredient to help attract more deer. That is great if you are looking to get mostly trail cam pictures. The difference with infRACKtion is that it has only 27% salt. The main ingredients are calcium and phosphorus, two of the most important minerals needed to maximize antler and skeletal growth. It also contains Vitamins A and D, which are also vital for proper bone and antler development. Vitamin D helps enhance calcium absorption and mineralization of bone, while Vitamin A helps with the ossification (growing of antlers).

A whitetail’s antlers generally grow from April through September so it is especially helpful to antler development to keep your mineral sites fresh during this time. Although we all want to see an increase in antler size we can’t forget about the overall health of our entire deer herd. The Vitamins A, D and E in infRACKtion help maintain a healthy digestive system which is great for the bucks, as well as fawns and lactating does. Keep your mineral sites fresh year round, not just during times of antler growth!

infRACKtion Mineral Attractant comes in an 8 pound bag and it is recommended that you use an entire 8 pound bag per mineral site. Start by clearing a 3 foot by 3 foot spot on the ground of sticks and leaves. Break up the ground with a shovel so there is about 3 inches of loose dirt. Pour the mineral and mix it in with the dirt. You can use water to help absorb the mineral into the ground but it is not required.

Within a week of having my infRACKtion out the deer started tearing it up! The buck I shot this year was addicted to infRACKtion and I would not have shot him had he not stopped briefly at the mineral site before making his way into the food plot. It has worked as a great whitetail attractant on my property here in Missouri and I can’t wait to see the improvement in antler growth this fall!

For more information on infRACKtion or to purchase your own head over to

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