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Pheasant Hunting Apparel List for Women

A head-to-toe pheasant hunting gear list for the ladies! All of the gear listed here are my personal favorites for pheasant hunting and would be a good option for most upland hunts.

1) Blaze Orange Hat

I prefer to wear a blaze orange ball cap but it's a good idea to bring along a blaze beanie as well, depending on the wind and the temperature!

This Browning Opening Day Cap is a great option, available at for $23.99

2) Upland Vest

This Upland Game Vest X by ALPS Outdoorz is my personal favorite. Being a petite female, I love how adjustable the size is via the straps. It isn’t bulky at all and doesn’t get in the way of shouldering my shotgun, but at the same time there is plenty of room to carry along shotgun shells, water bottles, plus some birds in the back without being bulky and weighing me down.

Available at for $139.99

For my full product review on this vest, click here

3) Moisture Wicking Long Sleeve Shirt

Pheasant hunting is a more active hunt that includes a lot of walking, so I recommend a lightweight top that wicks moisture. I love this Hell's Canyon Speed Plexus-FM Long Sleeve Mesh T-shirt from Browning. I know it's a men's shirt, but I have found that a size small fits me well (I am 5'4 and around 130 pounds for reference). Plus, I am obsessed with their new ATACS Arid Urban camera pattern (shown below.)

Available at for $49.99.

4) Jacket

If the weather turns cool, keep the above top on as a layering piece & add a jacket. This Women's Upland Shell from Orvis is a great option with its briar protection, breathability, mobility, and moisture management abilities.

Available at for $179

5) Brush Pants

My personal favorite brush pants have always been the High Plain Brush Pants from Prois, but sadly it looks like they are no longer made. I did a quick search in their outlet and on Amazon and wasn't able to find them. But, from what I can tell, these Women's Missouri Breaks Field Pant from Orvis look like a great option and they have great reviews on their website.

Available at for $129

6) Gloves

I found on my first pheasant hunt that even if the temperature is a little warmer, the wind can still cut like a knife! My favorite all-around hunting gloves are the Talus Fingerless Merino Glove from First Lite. The fingers are open so you can still feel the trigger, but they do a fantastic job at keeping your hands warm.

Available at for $20

7) Boots

A good pair of waterproof boots are a must for pheasant hunting, because you never know when it may snow or when there will be heavy frost on the ground. My favorites are the SHE Outdoor Expedition Ultra BONE-DRY Insulated Waterproof Boots for Ladies from Bass Pro. They are very comfortable, lightweight and have great support, making them a great option for walking all day in pursuit of upland birds. Plus, they are warm and waterproof. You just can't go wrong with these boots in my opinion.

Available at for $99.99

8) Shotgun Case

I know this isn't apparel, but you definitely need a shotgun case to protect your shotgun while transporting it from your home to the field. I have, and love, the Lona Canvas/Leather Shotgun Case from Browning. It has plush red flannel lining, a rifle sling style leather shoulder strap and a side pocket with shell or choke tube loops.

Available on Amazon for $69.99

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