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What Not To Wear

As hunters we know the contents of our pack can be crucial to our hunt or our survival. What you pack on your international hunting experience is no different. This not only applies to your equipment, but also applies to your clothing.

I am not going to lecture (in this blog) about knowing your weather conditions, terrain, etc. The focus here is being culturally appropriate for the country you are visiting. There is an emphasis on visiting. Though you are a hunter, you are also a visitor to the country where you are hunting. It is only proper to show some respect to their cultural norms, especially if you plan to vacation outside of your hunting experience.

Cultural respect is not limited to those countries with widely known extreme cultural differences. For example, in New Zealand camo is not the black. You will see few people wearing camouflage to hunt and even fewer wearing it in public. If you plan on touring after your hunt, or simply visiting a nice restaurant of a nearby town during your hunt, bring clothing. If you are concerned with baggage size and weight, there are some great options in hunting clothes that are not camouflage.

KUIU offers some great hunting pants in both gray and tan. These are listed as men’s pants, but are flattering and comfortable for females as well.

KUIU Attack Pants - Great on the mountain. Tan color blends in in an urban setting as well.

Girls with Guns clothing offers a great down jacket that is reversible. You can quickly go from hunting in the field with Mossy Oak to a gray suitable for coffee with the girls and guides.

GWG Reversible Puffy Jacket in Mossy Oak - Great for those cold mornings in the field. (Above)

GWG Reversible Puffy Jacket in Gray & Pink - Perfect for site seeing. (Above)

Having appropriate clothing is definitely important if you are traveling after your trip. Wearing clothing that signals you are a tourist can open you up to scammers and other criminals. You want clothing that not only keeps you safe in the field, but also in town. The key to packing well and being culturally responsible is good communication with your outfitter. Talk to them, and to past clients, about what is best for your hunting/vacation trip. This is your hunt of a lifetime, every minute should be safe, fun and create wonderful memories.

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