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Vitality by Alpha Dog Nutrition - Product Review

We all love our dogs, and it’s no surprise that we want to take care of them and do whatever it takes to make them the best and healthiest they can be. However, if you have a working-hunting dog, you have to go the extra mile to keep them strong and healthy. Think of what your hunting dog puts their body through. Whether it’s busting up ice with their bodies to retrieve waterfowl, treeing coons/squirrels, or like my lab, Sage, bobbing and weaving through thorn patches and fences to find shed antlers. They are constantly working, not to mention the training in the off-season. Our dogs aim to please us, and will exhaust themselves in doing so. That’s where Alpha Dog Nutrition comes in.

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Vitality, by definition is the state of being strong and active, and that’s exactly what Alpha Dog has accomplished with their Vitality supplement. It contains Krill oil, which is the highest quality Omega 3, and is easier to digest. The supplement helps joint support, skin/coat wellness, and cardio support. Vitality is a once daily supplement, and comes with 30 capsules. As if that’s not awesome enough, it’s also made in the great USA. Vitality is $19.97 for a 30 day supply. They offer a deal of 10 percent off when you subscribe: it will ship every thirty days, so you don’t have to worry about going and purchasing every month. All orders ship free in the US.

After just one month of giving my dog Vitality, I have seen a huge difference in the shininess of her coat. Although she’s only a year old, I have also seen a boost in her energy. She is able train for longer time periods, and doesn’t seem as sluggish in the mornings. She is always ready to go and ready to work.

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