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Free Range by Alpha Dog Nutrition - Product Review

After the awesome results my lab, Sage, had with Alpha Dog’s “Vitality,” I decided I would try another product. This time, we chose “Free Range.” One word: Wow. I am blown away by these products.

Free Range is a powdered supplement that promotes joint support, paw health and it’s also an anti-inflammatory. Because our hunting dogs are so hard on their bodies in the field, and even when training, it’s imperative for us to give them the best nutrition so that their joints maintain their cartilage. Hip Dysplasia, stiff joints, and arthritis are all too common among hunting breeds, and Free Range targets just that. Although it is common in more mature dogs to see the signs of inflamed joints, don’t wait until then to start treating them. Start now, and get ahead of the limp. Maintaining your dog’s health is a lot easier than trying to help him/her recover when their bodies are already breaking down. Free Range is $29.97, with free shipping on all orders in the US. Free Range can also be taken with Vitality, and trust me, there is no better combination. Your dog will look good, and feel good, too.

Sage has been on Free Range for two months now. She is a year and a half old, so she’s not quite at the age where you would see sore joints, but what I have noticed is that she isn’t as sluggish after her training sessions. She bounces back quickly and doesn’t seem to be as sore the next day. I’ve also noticed that her paw pads are not as rough as they were before using Free Range. I am thoroughly impressed with this product and will continue to use it.

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