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Product Review: Stampede Style Sunglasses by Skeleton Optics

Recently I was sent a pair of sunglasses from Skeleton Optics to test and review. The style I have been testing is the "Stampede" style - Breast Cancer Pink Edition. A portion of the sale from each pair of these sunglasses goes towards Breast Cancer Awareness programs. Up until this past summer, I was only ever purchasing cheap sunglasses. I refused to spend money on more expensive pairs. My husband encouraged me to purchase a better pair and I fell in love. Now after trying the Skeleton Optics brand as well, I am hooked, will never go back and here is why…


The lenses are polarized providing optimal clarity and glare reduction. Typically when there is reflection off of white snow it can be very blinding and hurts my eyes if I am out for too long. But during a recent hike in the snow I was able to enjoy the outdoors without eye strain. I’m looking forward to trying these during the summer on the water! Polarized lenses are supposed to be great for reducing water glare and seeing deeper into the water as they provide so much more clarity.


The lenses are scratch and impact resistant, which is great for me because I can be quite tough on sunglasses (i.e. sit on them in my car or my 8 year old gets ahold of them and thinks they are hers). They also come with a hard zipper case for storage. Another plus in my opinion. I like to keep my sunglasses in my bags, but this is only feasible with a hard case, otherwise they will find themselves crushed by the contents. So far I am quite pleased with how these are holding up! Much better than any cheap pair of sunglasses I was purchasing in the past, which then required me to repurchase every few months or go without. Highly recommend these on the durability standpoint!


One of the biggest struggles I have always had with sunglasses is that they fit so close to my face that my lashes brush against them as I blink, which drives me crazy. But I am so happy to say that I do not have that issue with these Stampede style glasses! The glasses do fit quite nicely; a perfect balance between snug surround so that no light leaks through and yet enough space to allow my eyes to blink freely. This makes me very happy to recommend these to all my long lashed ladies out there too!

Another way that I test sunglasses is by putting them on top of my head. This probably sounds strange but if you are like me, you go from inside to outside often through out one day. When I am inside, I like to just slide the glasses up to the top of my head so they are ready when I head back out. If glasses don’t fit my head in this position, then I won’t purchase them. This pair was perfect! They stayed put on the top of my head and didn’t make my hair look awkward while up there. Win!


The frames are glossy black and the lenses are a dark gray which go with almost everything I wear. They have the cutest hidden pink detail on the nose piece. Typically I am not a girl who wears pink, but in the name of Breast Cancer, I am happy to get involved. Plus, this pink detail is only seen when you remove the glasses; sort of like a cute little surprise that is kind of fun. The emblem on the side is also pink, but is so small that it doesn’t bother me at all.

Skeleton Optics pink detail
Skeleton Optics pink detail

Overall, I would highly recommend spending the money on these glasses. The Stampede - Breast Cancer Pink Edition cost $220.00. I have found that since I started purchasing more high end glasses, that I take better care of them, ultimately resulting in less of need to continually purchase sunglasses. Larger up front cost, but long term I end up saving money. Plus these are better on my eyes than any of the cheap pairs I was previously wearing. For more information head to

Tammy Bashore is a Huntress View team member from South Dakota. Follow her on Instagram at @tlbashore.

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