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Finding the Right Duck Call

How many of you have bought a duck call, only to realize it’s to hard to blow, doesn’t sound right or water logs really quick? I’ve personally used a variety of calls, and found that finding the right one for you is a difficult task. By no means am I a good caller, so I need a call that’s easy to blow and will last!

Basic Call Types

Duck calls are available as single reed and double reed. Single reed calls are generally louder and great for longer-range situations, and are typically the choice for experienced duck hunters because once mastered, you can sound like more than one duck. Double reed calls are generally loud or soft, and easier for beginners; a major downfall though, is that the reeds can stick together.

When I first started buying different calls, I purchased single reed calls. I found that they were just too hard to get a sound out. You really have to learn how to use your diaphragm to get the air out to produce a sound. Double reed calls are much easier to blow and get a decent sound to come out.

Duck Call Materials

Most of today’s duck calls are made of acrylic, wood, or polycarbonate (molded plastic). Acrylic is very dense, and these calls are typically sharper and louder than those made of wood or polycarbonate. Wooden calls are usually softer and mellower than acrylic calls, and are a good choice for close-up calling situations. Polycarbonate calls fall in between acrylic and wood in regard to sharpness and loudness.

I purchased an inexpensive wooden call once, and it water logged quickly and the sound just wasn’t good; I never used it again. Since then, I have used acrylic calls and found that they last longer and sound the best for the large, open water duck hunts I usually go on.

My Call Recommendation

I have found the best call ever! The Falling Feathers Game Calls PM2 duck call is the perfect call for both beginner and seasoned callers. Not only is it easy to blow, but it provides a great realistic sound. And when I’m out in the field hunting, it’s hard to make this call water logged!

The PM2’s urethane construction is perfect for any weather condition. Additionally, its small ergonomic stature is comfortable to hold.

Available colors: Blue or white, or can be ordered in custom colors

Options: Can be engraved with a logo or name

Price: $49.99

Where to purchase:

Falling Features Game Calls also sells goose calls and turkey calls. I have previously used both the box and slate turkey calls, and have been very happy with the sounds...even calling in 3 toms. All calls are handcrafted with high-quality materials, and are made in the USA.

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