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Product Review: Sitka Gear Women’s Timberline Pant

We all have pants. We have pants for all occasions. We have pants for work, we have pants for exercise, we have dress pants, sweatpants, yoga pants, jeans, and pajama pants.I have never struggled with finding pants for a particular activity...until I decided to become a hunter.

I remember it vividly. I felt a twinge of panic weaved in my excitement. I had been invited to go along with my boyfriend, Eric, while he hunted elk in the Colorado mountains. I had functional outdoor clothing, but none of it was hunting caliber. A bright puffy coat with hiking pants was not going to work. I had never owned a stitch of camo so I freaked.

Eric assured me that he had plenty of gear and not to worry. He is 6’4. I tried on some of his pieces and looked and felt like Sasquatch. Don’t get me wrong, his gear was top of the line, mostly Sitka and I wished it would work for me. Unfortunately, there was no way I would be able to hike and maneuver around timber and brush like this.

In my panic to find something that resembled a hunter, I immediately jumped on the internet and found that Cabela’s carried some very nice camo coats, sweatshirts, hats and accessories. Unfortunately, no women’s pants were to be found. There were youth pants and many men’s pants, but no women’s. At this point, I decided to go ahead and go to the store. Surely, there were some women’s camo pants somewhere?

Nope. I decided to go ahead and try the youth pants first. Nope. Then the men’s smallest size. Nope. The fit was horrible. Too tight in the hips, big bulge in the crotch. I just couldn’t do it.

Off to the salvation army I went. I was determined to find myself some camo pants. I did find some army pants that fit ok and were somewhat comfortable, but the material was cotton and was hardly going to suffice long term.

I eventually found some pants that fit nice but were lined with fleece. They are nicknamed the HOT pants. They look good, but they were not functional for moving around because they were too warm.

I just felt like GoldiLocks when it came to hunting pants.

I have had some experience in the field since that initial walkabout in my army pants. I have found favor with SitkaGear with their layering pieces, gloves, hats, packs and accessories. I had just wished they carried women’s clothing. Then, the world stopped a half a turn in early January 2017 when SitkaGear unveiled their first ever women’s line. What a glorious moment in my life.

I received the pants that stopped time on April 27th, 2017! The women’s Timberline pant arrived just hours before I left for turkey hunting in Nebraska and upstate New York. I ripped open the box while praying that these were the solution to my hunting pant struggle. They were!

There are several amazing features of the SitkaGear Women’s Timberline pants:


First and foremost, the pants fit me. They feature a 4-way stretch fabric in an ergonomic cut. They fit my athletic build. The legs are tapered and the low profile waist sits perfect eliminating the bulge that my “men’s” pants created. The waistband stretches and has a unique buttoning system that takes into account extra layers and lots of movement.

Sitka Timberline pants waist close up

Sitka has a very detailed sizing chart. I recommend you take all the measurements they require so you can get the best fit. The chart is 100% accurate and the fit is 100% true.


The removable knee pads are waterproof and are perfect for crawling and stalking in rugged terrain and the reinforced waterproof seat is perfect for sitting in wet woods waiting for big Gobblers. The waistband is made of thinner material which allows you to cinch your pack without bunching. The polyester stretch material is the perfect blend to keep you warm when you are sitting and still and cool when you are walking and climbing.


The Timberline Pant is hands down the most comfortable hunting pant I have ever tried on or worn. I have navigated through rugged terrain on my hands and knees, sat quietly glassing and waiting, stalked stealthily while crouching and not once did I worry about my pants. The pockets are flawlessly designed and located perfectly.

If you are like me, and you hunt multiple species, you MUST own a pair of these pants. It is clear that the geniuses at SitkaGear did their homework on women hunters and the way our bodies move and regulate temperature.

You can find the SitkaGear Timberline Women’s pant at Cabela's or you can order directly from The pants retail for $229.

Follow Erin on Instagram at @eageldiegel.

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