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Resurgence by Alpha Dog Nutrition - Product Review

My lab, Sage, is not just a dog. She is a part of the Bradley family. She is a big sister to her tiny humans: a protector of my daughters. She is our ball of fur that cuddles with us on the couch, sleeps by my bedside and plays endlessly with the girls day in and day out. However, she is much more. Sage is an athlete. One of our biggest passions is shed hunting, and Sage has been taught to help us find and retrieve them. Shed hunting is her game. As soon as we let her out of her kennel, she knows what she is supposed to do. Her nose hits the ground and she goes to work. Last year, her first year and not even a year old, she picked up over one hundred sheds for my husband and I. She goes through thickets, water, mud, hay fields and under barbed wire fences. She puts her body through a lot for us, so we do what we can to keep her healthy.

Alpha Dog Nutrition helps keep my Sage strong and healthy. In shed season particularly, Resurgence helps her recuperate after hard days afield. Think of Resurgence like a protein shake. Athletes drink protein shakes after a workout to help prevent soreness the next day: that’s what Resurgence does for dogs. It is loaded with amino acids and vitamins that assist in quick recoveries so that your dog is prepared for their next mission.

Resurgence is a powdered supplement that is to be sprinkled on top of food after each workout/activity. You can also combine it with Vitality and Free Range, two of Alpha Dog Nutrition’s other products. Resurgence is $24.97 and has free shipping on all orders in the USA.

This year, we began shed hunting at the beginning of January, and in just a little over a month, I have seen awesome results in Sage. Typically, she would come in after a hunt and sleep for most of the evening and night and still be worn the next morning. Ever since we have started her on Resurgence, she has had more energy and still wants to play and mingle with the family after hunts. This product is legit. I am so thankful for this company and what they do for hunting dogs, like my Sage.

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