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Tips for Selecting the Best Attractants

I run several trail cameras nearly year-round which requires the constant changing of batteries and SD cards--and putting out attractants. There are licks, drops, foggers, bombs, sticks, wicks, pads and sprays. With so many different types of attractants on the market, the best way to decide what works best in your area is simply to try a few. I’ve used several types of attractants and the fact is, some of them work great and some of them don’t seem to work at all. Here are a few tips for testing out different attractants.

  • When first getting started, only put one type of attractant out in front of the camera at a time. When checking the camera later, take note of how many animals come in and how interested they are in the attractant, if at all.

  • If animals are regularly coming into an established area, you can introduce an additional attractant on a different tree/bush/stump still within view of the camera to determine the impact of the new attractant. This can also assist in determining if the animals in the area show a preference to one attractant over another.

  • By taking a photo of the attractant in the location that it was used, you can easily remember which attractants you used and where to determine which attractants worked best for the animals in your particular area.

This is a new area, so I’m only putting out one attractant that I already know works well in my area--a Trophy Rock All Natural Mineral Lick.

Trophy Rock All Natural Mineral Lick

I sprayed a new attractant, Peanut Butter Flavor Attractant by Signal 11 Lures, on a small tree away from the established attractant that I was using.

Peanut Butter Flavor Attractant by Signal 11 Lures

Salt blocks are a staple attractant in my book. These Wildgame Innovations 4 lb. Mineral Salt Blocks were a new flavor I picked up, so I snapped a photo to keep track of how long they last.

Wildgame Innovations 4 lb. Mineral Salt Blocks

Two types of attractants being utilized at this camera, one on the stump and one in the ground.

Mineral lick

No brands utilized in this article are sponsors or affiliates of Huntress View or Jennifer James. All products have been selected and used by Jennifer.

Huntress View team member Jennifer James is from Oregon and enjoys hunting, fishing and foraging. Follow her on Instagram at @thewoodsmanswife or Facebook at

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