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Product Review: Packaroons

The best Snack for your Pack – Packaroons!

In the backcountry, whether you are hunting or adventuring, nutrition is important. If you have ever been packing out after a successful hunting trip and felt the energy zap caused by poor nutrition and hunger, you know the dangers of bad nutrition in the backcountry.

Heather, founder of Heather’s Choice, is a nutritionist and athlete. An Alaskan native, she knows the struggles of good nutrition for backcountry adventures. When backpacking you need something light and easy to carry. You need food that provides for your fat and calorie needs. You also want something that tastes good. Heather has managed to come with a product that provides all of these.

Heather’s Choice Packaroons are delicious and nutritious! Each packaroon contains approximately 180 calories and there are two packaroons per adventure pack. With shredded coconut as the main ingredient, all flavors pack a nutritious punch of 12-15 grams of fat to propel your adventure and 11-15 grams of carbohydrates.

My favorite flavor is the Sweet Coconut. These little morsels taste like a mini coconut pie. With six flavors to choose from and seasonal varieties as well, you are sure to find the perfect flavor to fuel your journey.

Packaroons are available in: Orange Vanilla, Sweet Coconut, Lemon Lavender, Spiced Cocoa, Amaretto and Mint Chocolate. Each bag of costs $5 plus shipping.

Heather's Choice also offers a variety of other packable foods including breakfast and dinner meals.

All Heather's Choice items can be purchased online at

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