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Product Review: Sage & Braker Gun Cleaning Products

Cleaning your firearm is an essential part of firearm ownership and is an important part of maintaining the quality overtime. During our spring bear season in Idaho, I hunted with my Tikka .243 and since it was unusually rainy and muddy, my gun definitely needed some TLC after season closed. Not to mention, after a successful hunt, carrying and dragging a muddy and bloody bear left my rifle with a lot more dirt and grime than I'd like to ever see on it.

Fortunately, I recently learned of the company Sage & Braker Mercantile, makers of high-quality gun cleaning products for hunters and gun enthusiasts and had the opportunity to test their full line of gun cleaning products on my Tikka. I was very happy with the results, ease of use and overall quality of the materials and entire kit.

Gun Cleaning Case and Mat

The case is made of waxed canvas with leather trim and closures and features multiple interior pockets for holding all of your cleaning products, tools and rags. When unrolled, the mat is 69” long and features padded wool to protect your firearm during cleaning. My rifle fit perfectly on the mat during the cleaning process and I was happy knowing that not only was my gun safe laying on this surface, but the table I was working on was protected as well. It conveniently rolls up for easy storage and transport, and the straps are long enough so that even when the pockets are filled, there is enough strap to buckle it securely in place with no worry about it coming open. Additionally, the case is very stylish and attractive and could be displayed on a shelf instead of stored away in a cabinet like my other products.


The Sage & Braker CLP is an oil, lubricant, solvent and protectant all-in-one that protects firearms from corrosion and rust and provides a deeper and cleaner solution to carbon, lead and copper fouling. Not only is the formula made in the USA, but I was extremely happy to know that is also non-hazardous, biodegradable and non-toxic. I felt comfortable using the CLP on my rifle and wasn’t concerned about harmful chemicals touching my skin during the cleaning process.

The bottle is a convenient size and the fine mist nozzle makes it convenient for spraying into the barrel or onto cleaning rags. While using the cleaning swabs, I found it easier to dip them into the bottle instead of using the spray nozzle. The CLP was successful in removing built up dirt and didn’t leave a greasy or oily film behind. Although the size seems small at only 4oz., it did not take much to do the job, so I know this will last for many cleanings to come.

Bore Cleaning Kit

The bore snake features a full bronze brush and a detachable, machine-washable buffing rope. The rope is 25” to give you maximum surface area for cleaning. It is available for shotguns, rifles and handguns and comes in all standard gauges/calibers, so no matter what firearm(s) you’re caring for, Sage & Braker offers a kit for your needs (when you purchase the bundle, you select your gauge/caliber).

This was the first time I had used a bore snake and it was extremely easy to use. I was skeptical that the rope was too large fit through the barrel, but once I put the rope weight into the barrel and fed it through, the rope pulled through with ease. With just one pass, the barrel was clean. The snake comes in a handy canvas sack so it doesn’t get tangled with your other tools.

Brush and Pick Tool Kit

The brush and pick tool kit includes four copper and nylon double ended brushes as well as four stainless steel and brass picks all packaged in a waxed canvas and leather rollup organizer. The organizer is a perfect match to the case and mat, and not only keeps the tools safe but protects your other tools and materials during storage.

These tools are perfect for getting dust and dirt out of the hard-to-reach areas of the gun. While cleaning my rifle, I did not use the brushes, but the picks where helpful in getting into the small areas to remove dust build up, especially where the barrel rests in the gun stock and around the scope mounts.

Cleaning Swabs

Not all swabs are created equal! The Sage & Braker swabs are 6” long and made from wooden dowels and thick cotton. You would think that with the length, they would be flimsy, but that’s just not the case. The wooden dowel held up well to light scrubbing and worked well to remove dust build up in the hard-to-reach areas without leaving any cotton particles behind.

Additionally, the tube package is convenient and the fact that they are made in the USA is an added bonus. My only suggestion would be that I would like to see these with cotton at both ends...but if you didn’t have the tool kit, the non-cotton end of the dowel would work sufficiently to get into those hard-to-reach areas.


It's clear that Fred Bohm and the entire Sage & Braker team take quality and craftsmanship seriously. The products I tested are top notch and speak volumes to their love of the outdoors.

Overall, I was extremely happy with the entire cleaning bundle, from the quality of the materials and cleaning ability of the CLP, as well as the overall style and design. The high-quality case and mat and tools are sure to last for years to come, and will become a staple in my gun-cleaning arsenal.


All of the items above can be purchased individually on the Sage & Braker website. And bonus…shipping is always free!

  • Gun Cleaning Mat - $205

  • Bore Cleaning Kits - $25

  • CLP - $33

  • Brush & Pick Tool Roll Kit - $38

  • Firearm Cleaning Swabs - $18

Visit Sage & Braker Mercantile online at and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Sarah Honadel is an avid outdoorswoman from Kentucky, now living in Idaho, who enjoys hunting elk, deer, turkey and waterfowl. She is a team member at Huntress View, Pro Staff for Browning Trail Cameras and Brand Ambassador for the GoWild app. Follow her on Instagram @waddysarah and @arrowridgecreations.

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