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Product Review: Buck Forage Oats

Choosing a good plot can be a tedious and confusing task. It seems like there are a million different options with really similar claims that all state that their specific product will “bring you the biggest bucks” or “provides the nutrition deer need and keeps them coming back”. While this is all good and well, it can be difficult to weed through what’s hocus pocus and what actually provides deer with the best nutrition to keep them healthy through the winter.

We’ve been using Buck Forage Oats consistently as our main summertime food plot for the last 3 years. It’s incredibly easy to plant, easy to source, and well backed by research. I can tell you first hand that the deer in our area have flourished and we continue to see a major surplus of deer in comparison to 3 years prior. And it's not just the number of deer but really healthy looking deer.

Last year we set up a trail camera on a one-acre plot of solely Buck Forage Oats and all season long we saw the previous year's fawns, bucks, and does of all ages thriving off of the oats. One huge benefit to the Buck Forage Oats versus regular oats is that they’re extremely hardy; they fed our deer through the harsh winter months and kept them fed when all our resources ran thin.

They’re also much more nutritionally dense than other suggested crops such as brassicas or turnips; the plants themselves stay smaller longer and thus have much higher protein than the sugar laden brassicas. The oats can also handle temperature drops and stay green until it reaches below 10 degrees, as well as continuing to grow in 20” annual rainfall areas!

I have yet to have any issues with Buck Forage Oats and will continue to use them as our main food plots in the summertime. They’re hardy, well researched, good for your deer, bring in deer, can handle major changes in temperature and weather patterns without a problem.

Buck Forage Oats will continue to be my food plot of choice.

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