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Making Memories on a First Hunt with Dad

I'm 28 and just had my first hunt with my dad! He hunted and trapped growing up but over the years, he just quit going--therefore, I did not grow up hunting but always had to desire to. Thanks to my now husband for providing the opportunity for me to start, I've now been hunting for the last five years. This season marked the first chance I've had to get out in the field with my dad.

He came to Nebraska to help my husband and I get things finished up before our son's arrival, and it just so happened to also be Nebraska's duck opener. With minimal arm twisting, we convinced my dad to get his necessary licenses and tags.

My dad has duck hunted before but never had any 'outstanding' hunts. Opener could not have been any better. The typical flight started before shooting hours but since it was overcast, we weren't worried. Birds were everywhere. We had to wait for it to get lighter before shooting. There was so much action all morning. The birds (mostly teal) seemed to not care about the wind and were flying in every direction.

Everyone in our party limited but that wasn't the best part about the hunt. It was the best duck hunt my dad had ever been on. We don't tell people that teal hunting in the Rainwater Basins is crazy amazing for nothing! He had never seen so many birds flying. He was also impressed with my hunting knowledge/ability.

It could have been the worst hunt of our lives and it wouldn't have mattered to me. Hands down, this hunt was so special because it was the first I had with my dad. It was also the "first" hunt he had with my son (I was 33 weeks pregnant at the time). You are never too old to have new experiences with those you love. I encourage everyone to take every opportunity that comes their way--you never know what memories you might make.

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