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DIY Holiday Feather Ornaments

Bring your love of the outdoors and hunting to your holiday ornaments with this DIY project. This craft project really is for bird hunters since it uses the feathers of your harvested birds. It's simple and fun to do by yourself or with kids!

All you need are three to four basic items:

  • Feathers from harvested birds, such as duck, pheasant or grouse

  • Clear glass ball ornaments

  • Ornament hooks

  • Glitter or fake snow (optional)

  • Scissors


After a good day in the field, pluck some of your favorite feathers from harvested birds. Smaller, softer feathers work best as they are easier to put inside the ornaments and have a slight curl. If you end up with drake mallard, the curled tail feathers work great too.

Fill the clear glass ornaments with the feathers. You can add as many or as few as you prefer.


Trim the quill off, leaving the color/patterns only to fill the ornaments. If using longer feathers, this might be necessary to make sure they fit.

Add a tiny bit of glitter or fake snow inside to give it a little sparkle.

Attach the topper and add a hook. Hang on your tree and enjoy this holiday season and for years to come!

Follow Jesse on Instagram at @jessehcampbell.

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