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Huntress View Top Picks from ATA 2020

Show season is an exciting time each year: reconnecting with old friends, meeting new people in the industry and best of all...checking out all of the new products! This year's Archery Trade Association Show in Indianapolis, Indiana did not disappoint! Huntress View founder Andrea Rothove, along with myself and team members Courtney Ogden and Kinsey Edmonds were there and got to check out all of the latest hunting products. There were so many great products, and we are excited to share a few of our favorites!

Solar Panels for Browning Trail Cameras

In addition to another cellular camera, this year Browning Trail Cameras introduced a new solar panel accessory that can be used with any camera in their line up. This is a game changer for many of us who love running trail cams all year, especially when we don't have the ability to check them frequently. The solar panels are equipped with rechargeable lithium batteries that can be replaced when needed, unlike many solar panels with built-in batteries. The solar panels will be available this spring at

Burr Paw Sticker Remover

We always like to check out the Innovation Zone, which is where we found the Burr Paw Sticker Remover. This tool can be worn like a mitt to lightly sweep across fabric to remove a variety of burrs including Cockleburs, Stick-tights, Beggar's Lice, Sand Burrs and other common burrs on most fabrics...including fleece! It even works on dogs! Once we saw the demo at the booth, we all bought one on the spot. We posted this to our Instagram story and so got many questions. Yes...we recommend! It's available on for $19.95+shipping. Be sure to check out the video on their website to see exactly how it works.

Fieldsheer Heated Apparel

We were drawn into the booth by the glove display, but ended up loving the jackets and vests! Fieldsheer offers a full line of base layers, jackets, vests and gloves for women (and men). Their apparel features Lithium Ion batteries that are controlled via your phone. While the base layers would be a great addition to your winter hunting gear, the jackets and vests aren't available in camo, but could still be worn. The fit was comfortable and stylish. In regard to sizing, I normally wear a medium and tried on a medium jacket in the booth and it was too tight, but they do offer size charts on the website to make sure you get a proper fit.

ScrapeStick Licking Branch System

The ScrapeStick licking branch system allows you to add a licking branch anywhere needed, without needing a small tree or hanging branch. The bracket can be mounted in 3 ways: by sliding onto a standard T-post, strapping it around a tree/structure or screwing it into a tree/structure. The arm has 17 height adjustments to ensure you get the perfect angle and height. We are definitely interested in trying this out and putting our Browning Trail Cams on it to see what we can capture.

Cost is $34.99 for one, or 3 for $89.99.

Archer's Shot Saver and Release Trainer

Another booth from the Innovation Zone, we found these two tools to be very useful for both beginner and experienced archers. The Shot Saver is a muscle trainer and exerciser to help aid in increasing draw weight and to warm up before shooting or hunting. The simple design provides the same touch points you'd experience when shooting a bow, but it can be conveniently carried anywhere due to its compact size. Additionally, the Release Trainer is designed to help you perform the perfect shot execution. This is a great tool for anyone experiencing target panic, for new archers learning to use a release properly, to aid in switching to a new release or to create muscle memory for the perfect shot execution. Both items can be purchased online at

Mathew's Archery Engage Limb Legs

Many of our Huntress View team members shoot Mathew's bows, so of course we were excited to see the new Engage Limb Legs. These are the perfect accessory for sitting in a ground blind to prevent the cam or stabilizer from touching the ground. And bonus, they can remain on the bow while shooting without causing issue. The downside, they are only compatible for the Halon, Halon 32, Triax, TX-5, Traverse, Vertix, and VXR models. So those of us that shoot the Avail are out of luck!

Summit Treestands Chairpack 2.5

The Summit Treestands Chairpack 2.5 is a foldout chair and backpack all in one. Talk about convenient! The backpack has enough space to hold all of your gear to and from the blind or field. And once you're there, it quickly folds outs to provide a sturdy and comfortable seat with storage. It's great for use while dove, deer or turkey hunting and is a perfect fit for ground blinds. We tested this one out, and it's definitely on the "must-have" list!

All in all, ATA 2020 was a success! So many new products to look forward to this year.

Sarah Honadel is an avid outdoorswoman from Kentucky, now living in Idaho, who enjoys hunting elk, deer, turkey and waterfowl. She is a team member at Huntress View, Pro Staff for Browning Trail Cameras and Brand Ambassador for the GoWild app and BaseMap app. Follow her on Instagram @waddysarah and @arrowridgecreations.

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