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Pigeon Facts!

Pigeons are often looked at as pests because of the mess they make when they take up residence on balconies or in barns. However, there are some facts about pigeons that are interesting therefore I thought I would share them with you!

I often find or am brought young pigeon chicks that have either fallen from a nest or are otherwise unwanted in their current location. With ducklings, goslings, or even domestic chicks, they will thrive on scratch or rolled grains, etc. Pigeon chicks are not so easy to feed.

Adult pigeons regurgitate (aka bring back up) the food they give to their young. The babies put their beaks inside the parents' mouths and drink the liquid. In order to feed a pigeon chick with no parents a mix of blended grains; milk replacer and scrambled eggs are my go-to recipe. The contents then get poured into a pop bottle and a surgical glove needs to be secured with an elastic band, then a small slit gets cut in the top of the glove and the little pigeon will almost always take to this method immediately which is a very messy process for both parties!

I recently found a pigeon chick while cleaning out a grain bin but lucky for me, I raise domestic pigeons so I was quite relieved to find a nest with a chick a few days younger than the one I found because the mother, as well as the other pigeons, will all chip in to feed the youngsters so I won't have to!!

Some pigeon facts:

Eggs only take 17-19 days to hatch

It only takes 2 weeks for a pigeon chick to be fully feathered!

This picture shows the chick I found and even though pigeons and doves are very pretty adults- their young are not very attractive at all!!

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