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Reimaging Hunting Gear for Women: Interview with Draya Grangroth, Ridge Patrol Cofounder

Women's hunting gear has come a long way in recent years. Women no longer accept the men's version with a pink zipper or tag. And more and more manufacturers are catching on that women WANT and NEED clothing explicitly designed for them. We want functional gear that fits properly and are willing to pay for quality. That's how Ridge Patrol was born.

I recently spoke to Andraya 'Draya' Grangroth, cofounder of Ridge Patrol Clothing and author of "What's Her Wild: An Untold Story," to discuss the new Ridge Patrol Ridge Runner 2.0 Pants and the Kickstarter campaign she started to help fund this project. Draya is passionate about this project because, as a full-time hunting guide who is in the woods 300 days a year, she understands the need for gear that performs in the extreme conditions that the mountains can dish out.

Draya Grangroth, Ridge Patrol Cofounder and Author of "What's Her Wild: An Untold Story"

Who is Ridge Patrol?

If you're unfamiliar with Ridge Patrol, the brand was created by Bevan Mitchell after going on a waterfowl hunt. Her camo was uncomfortable, didn't fit right, and didn't perform how she wanted. So, she tapped into her entrepreneurial spirit and designed a line of clothing that was functional and attractive, and not just for hunters but outdoorswomen, whether they are hunting, farming, training dogs, or doing anything else outdoors. Not long after, she and Draya met and started their business relationship. Draya tested the prototype for the original Ridge Runner pants on a mule deer and Coues deer hunt in Arizona and provided some input for adjustments before the pants were released. After that, Bevan asked her to come on as a cofounder, and she accepted. And Ridge Patrol was officially off the ground. In addition to the Ridge Runner pants, they offered several styles of tops, jackets, and leggings.

Ridge Runner 2.0 Pants and Kickstarter

Although the original Ridge Runner pants have performed well, Draya knew they could be better, which is how the Ridge Runner 2.0 pants came about. "I've put a lot of thought and time into them. I've contemplated hours and hours in and outside the field on how we can make the pants we have now better," Draya said. "I want to make them more versatile, more durable, and just overall better."

However, making pants is extremely expensive! To fund this project, Draya and Bevan started a Kickstarter campaign that will run until September 20, 2023. The goal: Raise $93,500 to fund the production of 1,200 pairs of Ridge Runner 2.0 pants. "To start the production of the Ridge Runner 2.0 pant, we must reach our funding goal. We just can't afford to do it on our own," Draya stated.

"Through the Kickstarter, all of our gear is extremely discounted compared to the prices on our website. You can pledge money now to purchase the Ridge Runner 2.0 pants, and we also have it set up so you can get the pants with a shirt, a hoodie, or other accessories. And we even have several experiences, including a women's upland and waterfowl hunt with Montana Bucks and Ducks, access to 7-miles of private water on the Fremont River in Utah through Chunky Trout Outfitters, and three months of Big Game consulting with me [Draya]. Guys can even support us by purchasing something for their wives, girlfriends, or daughters, and anyone can just pledge money."

Ridge Patrol Ridge Runner 2.0 Womens Hunting Pants

With Kickstarter, you pledge money now and will only be charged once the campaign ends. However, if the goal is not met, the money will not be charged, and the pants will not be made. "If we don't meet that goal, then we're back to square one, and we've got to find an investor or a different way to try and afford this," Draya explained. "Knowing the importance of clothing that fits women of all body types, we will do everything in our power to make this happen."

Ridge Runner 2.0 Pants Features:

  • Midweight

  • Water-resistant and quick-dry materials

  • Durable fabrics that won't rip or snag

  • Double zip side vents from the hip to the top of the knee

  • Built-in gaiter hook at the bottom of the leg

  • High-waist with double snaps

  • Six total pockets, including a small accessories pocket and large thigh pockets

  • Built-in thin knee pad for protection and comfort

  • Double-layer fabric on thighs

  • Triple-layer fabric on knees

  • Zero-shrink when washed

  • Two colors available: Camo with olive green panels and olive green

Kickstarter options:

  • Ridge Runner 2.0 Pant - $185

  • Ridge Runner 2.0 Pant + Hat and Buff - $195

  • Ridge Runner 2.0 Pant + Tech Top - $220

  • Ridge Runner 2.0 Pant + Legging - $260

  • Ridge Runner 2.0 Pant + Fleece - $295

  • Ridge Runner 2.0 Pant + Camo Hoodie - $360

  • Full Ridge Patrol Outfit - $520

  • Ridge Runner 2.0 Pant + What's Her Wild First Edition Book - $380

  • Chunky Trout Outfitters - 7 miles of private water access - $200

  • Montana Bucks and Ducks Women's Upland and Waterfowl Hunt (scheduled for October 7-8, 2023) - $380

  • 3 Months of Big Game Consulting with Draya Grangroth - $500

Creating functional and versatile clothes for outdoorswomen isn't Draya's goal; she envisions Ridge Patrol as a sisterhood of outdoorswomen. "I have met some really amazing women through Ridge Patrol. Women who empower each other. Women who are fierce and tap into the natural resources and want to get out there and challenge themselves. Women who want to educate their children and show them what it's like to use resources from the land. There's such a bigger picture. This lifestyle is so connected, primal, and vital for all of us. Ridge Patrol is what ties it all together. And if we want to continue and have this way of life and this support group, then we need people's help with the Kickstarter for it to happen."

What's Her Wild

Draya also recently published her first book, "What's Her Wild: An Untold Story." In this inspirational memoir, Draya shares her experience with sexual trauma at a young age and how she found her confidence and independence in the outdoors.

Draya Grangroth author of "What's Her Wild: An Untold Story"

"I never felt safe in the house. In the summers, I slept outside. After school, I would stay outside and play or go hunt. I felt safe outside like I was part of the natural world, and it established an intense connection spiritually and emotionally with wild places."

After moving to Colorado in 2012, Draya went through a period of self-healing, eventually hitting rock bottom. That's when she knew she needed to make a change. "I went there with a purpose to heal and a drive to learn about the wild places. I was humbled time and time." After harvesting a mule deer during a solo hunt in 2017, she was put to the test again. "I remember this moment so clearly, standing there looking down at this beautiful buck. There's no one there to help me. I've done this my whole life, and this was the test. I intentionally killed this animal. I have to be responsible and take care of it. So I field-dressed it and packed it out all by myself. But during that pack out, there were a lot of things going on in my mind. There was a lot of healing, a lot of direction, and a lot of purpose. Everything just sort of clicked inside my brain. I said, 'I know what I'm doing. I can do this. I've loved doing this my whole life.' So then I started thinking about how I could get a job guiding."

A few days later, a chance encounter in a bar led Draya to her first guiding job that started the following year. "It's been the most rewarding career. I hope to guide hunts forever. It was a natural progression, although I didn't necessarily go out seeking it. It's like the universe provided exactly what I needed."

The pre-order for "What's Her Wild" has officially ended. However, it will be available again to purchase soon through Draya's website at The cost is $16.99.

How You Can Help

Sarah Honadel is an avid outdoorswoman from Kentucky, now living in Idaho, who enjoys hunting big game and waterfowl and saltwater fishing. She is a team member at Huntress View, Pro Staff for Browning Trail Cameras, and Pro Staff with Ridge Patrol Clothing. Follow her on Instagram @sarah.honadel.outdoors and @arrowridgecreations.

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