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Primos Bombshell Turkey Call Review

In the past I was always a little hesitant to get into turkey hunting. There are so many different calls and I didn't feel confident that I would be able to call one in. I have used slate calls to successfully call in turkeys but I was so excited when I found the Bombshell by Primos. It is by far the easiest and best sounding call that I have used. It is a push/pull hen turkey call that yelps, cuts, and purrs just by pushing or tapping the rail. Push the rail to yelp, tap it to cut, and slowly press the rail to purr. The pitch can be adjusted easily to make it sound higher or raspier. Also, the rail can be locked into place so it doesn't make noise while walking. The call can be mounted to your shotgun for ease of use and to minimize movement. This call is perfect for beginner or experienced turkey hunters! I called this nice tom within 20 yards this spring using the Bombshell!

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