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Lakewood Products Elite Bowfile Case Review

If you're looking for a great bow case checkout the Bowfile by Lakewood Products! It holds your bow safely with quiver attached and full of arrows. Depending on the length of your stabilizer, you may or may not have to remove it in order to close the case.

It includes an accessory case to hold broadheads, field tips, and other loose items.

An arrow case is also included and holds up to 18 arrows! Perfect for traveling! For the ladies who love pink, you can also get the bow case in the pink camo pattern!

I have been using the Bowfile case all hunting season and I can tell you this product is amazing! It has pretty much been through hell and back in the bed of my truck going to & from our hunting land. It's been knocked over, even fell out of the truck bed a couple times. I shot my bow & my sights haven't moved a bit. A great product to add to your hunting gear & worth every penny!

Go to their website to check out their other great products:

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