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The Huntress Christmas Wish List

Guys, We came up with a Christmas wish list for the huntress in your life to make your Christmas shopping a little easier! Here are 14 products we are sure she will LOVE! 1) Custom set of strings and cables from Vaportrail Archery, along with a personalized Pro-V Limb Driver and string bat silencers!

2) Scent Free, Scent Control cosmetics and body care products from Deaux Girl!

3) Gear from Prois! I love the Pro-Edition jacket, vest and pants! They are form-fitting, easy to move in and I love the little details they include in their gear: thumb holes in the sleeves, magnetic closure pockets, and scapular pockets for hot hands!

4) What's holding HER bow? How about a U-Slide bow holder wrapped in Muddy Girl camo!

Available at

5) The Edge Buckle Foldback release from Tru-Fire. It is available in pink and regular camo colors. It is perfect for smaller hands and the size is adjustable!

6) We both shoot and LOVE the Bowtech HeartBreaker and we're sure any woman would love the newest women's bow from Bowtech as well, the Carbon Rose! The lightest women's bow on the market!

7) The acrylic rod stabilizer from Stokerized is a great choice for all bow hunters! Eliminates vibration and noise and you can customize them with different weight and color options!

8) The Buck Bomb! It is a great product & would make a great stocking stuffer!!

9) Shoot Like a Girl bow case by Game Plan Gear. Light weight & easy to carry!

10) InfRACKtion Mineral by Daybreak Outdoors will help keep her deer herd healthy & help grow some antler!

11) Let the Plotwatcher Pro from Day 6 Outdoors do the scouting for her! Such a great product & scouting tool!

12) Keep her toes warm with ThermaCELL Heated Insoles! These things are awesome & we're sure her toes will appreciate them!

13) This handy bow sling from Primos makes it so much easier to get to the tree stand or blind!

14) And last but not least....Every woman loves jewelry! We're sure she will love anything from Spent Rounds Designs!

We hope this helps. Have a Merry Christmas!

From the Huntress View ladies, Ali & Andi!

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