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The Art of Capturing Unique Trail Camera Photos

Most hunters are aware of trail cameras, and how beneficial they can be when it comes to patterning the specific animal you are hunting. Trail cameras can also be used for surveillance and security of a home or business.

However, one of my favorite pass times involves using a trail camera to capture unique images in the wild. This is especially a great hobby that helps to carry me from one hunting season to the next.

I spoke with Pat Howard, chief camera operator of DLC Covert Scouting Cameras, and "the man" when it comes to getting some really awesome pictures. He has given me many useful tips to pass along. Here is what he had to say:

1.) Point the camera north to avoid sun issues. This is not a deal breaker as some of my favorite pictures have come from cameras pointed south east or west, but is a good rule of thumb. 2.) Be the camera. Try to see what the camera will see, paying close attention to the background. What will be in the picture is just as important as the critter you are after. 3.) WATER!! Almost all of my favorite pictures have some sort of water in them. Possibly a pond or creek crossing. 4.) Explore! Take a walk to find the most scenic spots on your property. Hang a camera and see what shows up. 5.) Challenge yourself! Set a camera to catch a specific animal. For example; I set a camera in a rock bluff setting the target species being a bobcat. After two weeks I was rewarded with the exact picture I was after in that particular setup. 6.) Have fun! Trail camming is a great hobby for the whole family. I like to call it "remote photography". 7.) A portable camera stand is worth it's weight in gold when chasing post card worthy photos."

I hope this article has been helpful. It really is a great hobby, and great to include children as well. Not only is it entertaining but also educational. Best of luck to you in capturing your own post card worthy photos.

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